To optimise performance and to continue to deliver exceptional results and quality services.


Bihar is committed to innovating and developing cost-efficient transportation solutions and services that create significant and long-term value for all our partners and customers.

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As a leading regional operator of a large fleet of vessels, Bihar International Company provides efficient, cost effective and safe transportation solutions and marine services to our customers across various sectors and industries. We have achieved a significant track record of pioneering and maintaining a unique presence in the region with our diverse fleet and highly skilled operations. Experience and expertise are the cornerstones of our services and we have gained an enviable reputation as trustworthy and dependable partners.

Our success and tradition of excellence is the result of many years of dedication, servicing several strategic and long-standing clients including prominent oil and gas production companies, leading chemical producers, important government utility companies, and global commodity traders.

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The 60s and 70s were remarkable and transformative decades for Saudi Arabia and our origins can be traced back to this pivotal period when Jeddah Port emerged as a major trading hub for the region. With a forward-thinking vision to harness the immense opportunities of a rapidly developing economy our founder, Mr. Abdulkader Al-Bakri with his sons, established the business in 1972 to offering agency and bunkering services to marine traffic passing or calling at Jeddah.

A significant milestone in our company’s history was the purchase of our first tanker in 1976. This served as a catalyst for the growth and development of Bihar International Company which, nearly four decades later, is now the largest private-sector tanker owner and one of the leading vessel operators in Saudi Arabia.

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To further enhance our quality and safety standards, we proactively pursue an innovation-led approach to deliver positive and successful results. In 1997, guided by a determination to deliver better, cost efficient shipping solutions to our clients, we pioneered the design of a new generation 47,000 MT DWT Product/Chemical Tanker. Built by Hanjin Heavy Industries in Korea, M/T QUDS, was the first in series and, following delivery, she was accredited by the U.K.’s Royal Institution of Naval Architects as the “Significant Ship of 2000″ – a great achievement for our company.

Harnessing feedback from early operations of the first in series, an enhanced and improved version of the design was commissioned and M/T BORAQ was built and delivered by Hyundai Mipo Shipyard, Korea in 2003 and was awarded the same prestigious accreditation.

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Our extensive network regards us as competent and trustworthy for reliable deliveries that are on time and on budget. In the decades ahead, we will continue to evolve our strategy, identify opportunities and systems that set new benchmarks and delivers prosperity.